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Our Dentures are made with the utmost care and procedures. They take 3-4 weeks to be made. Fabrication of your new dentures will be accomplised in 5 steps. We will do our best to provide you with customized dentures made especially for you. 
The 5 steps to a new smile are as follows: 

Step 1: Consultation 

This step is the oppurtunity for you to come in and meet Dr. Krause and get a feel for our office. At this time we would discuss your treatment needed and any options you might have. We would also provide you with an estimate of how much your treatment would cost you out of pocket. 

Step 2: Impression 

During this step impressions of your mouth are taken, models of your mouth are then poured which will be used to make your dentures with. 

Step 3: Wax Bite

At this appointment measurments will be taken of your face  and mouth to see how your upper and lower jaws relate to each other. Wax rims are used to hold your models in place, and to record the measurements.  The models are mounted on an articulator (a device that simulates jaw movement). To assist us in customizing your dentures you can give input as we select the teeth to ber used for your case. 

Step 4: Try In 

The teeth, which have been arranged in the wax rim, are ready for you to "preview". It is important that YOU check the look, feel, and the bite of the teeth at this appointment. Make suer you like the color, shape and size of the teeth as well. Changes are possible ONLY at this phase of the treatment. Also, you are welcome to bring a friend or loved one with you to this appoint for another opinion of how the teeth look. 

Step 5: Delivery 

Our lab has used state of the art technology to process your new dentures, and the result is a denture that will provide you with a nice smile for many years. Full payment of your account is due at this time. 

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